Clients who've 'Done the write thing'

Charity Sector

Leading Veterinary Charity, PDSA, is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the prestigious Dickin Medal. It commissioned Webwrite to produce copy for a pop-up installation, website resources and a specially commissioned film celebrating the history of the award. The exhibition materials were showcased at London’s Imperial War Museum and will tour the country throughout 2019.

Get a flavour of how Webwrite did the write thing when sharing the medal recipient’s amazing stories by visiting the DM75 site.



Webwrite provided copy for BT Global Services on a freelance basis for a number of years. The work encompassed creating everything from 60 character 'teaser text' for web pages to ghost writing White Papers and 'thought pieces' for BT staff on subjects ranging from IT Infrastructure to Unified Communication technologies.

Take a look at a White Paper and see for yourself how Webwrite did the write thing for one of the UK's most successful global organisations?




When IMI Hydronic Engineering, one of the world's leading providers of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions, relaunched its global website, Webwrite came on board to do the write thing. A comprehensive re-write of existing website collateral was completed and Webwrite continues to provide on and offline marketing content for an innovative new product portfolio.

Visit the new site to see how Webwrite helped IMI Hydronic Engineering get its message across.




Armstrongs, an award-winning Chartered Accountancy practice, recently re-launched its website. All too aware of the sector’s reputation for ‘being a bit dull and boring’ it sought a more relaxed style of communicating. Graphic Design Agency Since1984 was brought in to produce an up-to-the-minute look and feel and Webwrite to create a friendlier, less formal tone of voice.

Pay a visit to the website and see for yourself how Webwrite helped Armstrongs’ voice stand out from its competition.


Software & IT Solutions

Webwrite continues to produce case studies highlighting the public sector work carried out by Softcat, a well-respected provider of added-value IT solutions to UK corporate and public sector organisations.

Delt Shared Services Ltd is just one beneficiary of Softcat's expertise and wide-ranging industry knowledge. Read this case study to learn how Softcat did the right thing for Delt, and see how Webwrite did the write thing for Softcat.




Magic Life, a London-based provider of Supported Living Services for vulnerable adults, needed new copy for its website as part of a major rebranding exercise. Design Agency, 3flowCreative, took care of the fresh new look, while Webwrite took care of the copy.

Pop across to the website to read Webwrite’s clear, easy-to-understand copy. It’s helping Magic Life deliver essential information for service users, carers and health professionals.



Content Services

Webwrite provided Senior Copywriting services and mentoring for a team of junior copywriters for Lionbridge. Working mainly on a major relaunch of the BT Global Services website, Webwrite delivered copywriting and editing services for a range of products, services and 'solutions' marketing collateral.

Take a look at this example of a BT Solution and see for yourself how Webwrite did the write thing for a major global player in communication and translation services.



 Proofreading Services

When the University of Warwick Economics Department needed someone to proofread its student handbooks and course prospectuses, it turned to Webwrite to 'do the proofing thing.' Making sure that information was accurate, expressed in the correct tone of voice and updated directly into the CMS was essential.

Why not take a look at the undergraduate student handbook? It's just one of the critical online resources Webwrite helped ensure was free from errors and fit for purpose.



Representative Groups 

Webwrite has recently re-written the majority of the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce's marketing collateral, including Membership information, events copy and website.

Covering everything from critical business advice to event marketing and on to high-calibre networking opportunities, take a look at how Webwrite helped Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce spread the word.




When Radio 1 decided to produce resources to help young people make sense of the world around them it called for clear, plain English copy that would help them grasp a range of, often complex, concepts.

Webwrite produced a number of pieces for the 'onelife' website, including this section dealing with UK Civil Law.*

 *The link below leads to an archived example of copy that is no longer available on the BBC Radio 1 website.  




Providing the highest quality information is a critical element of First Utility's business model. As part of a major project to improve customer interaction, First Utility contracted Webwrite to completely re-write its Help & Advice resources and make it easier for customers to help themselves.

Why not take a look at the Help & Advice resources and see for yourself how Webwrite helped First Utility create easy-to-understand information to help customers do the right thing?



Trade Journalism

Webwrite first did the write thing at Net Profit, covering what was known in those days as 'electronic business.' Of course, now it's e-commerce, or just business, but at the time it was a brave new world and Net Profit sought to make sense of the business benefits this nascent technology could bring.

Everyone's comfortable with 'the cloud' concept now, yet at the time hosting business-critical information outside of the organisation was a new and challenging development. Take a look at an article I penned at the time exploring the issue.




Public Sector

A Government initiative delivered by the education technology agency, Becta, the Home Access programme was a £240 million project to equip under-privileged school children with computers and Internet access.

The project included a range of marketing and support collateral, a dedicated 'learner's' website and a suite of third-party advertising resources for approved suppliers, ranging from SMEs to major high street chains. Plain English, accessible, enthusing copy was a pre-requisite. Take a look at an information sheet where Webwrite did the write thing.


Marketing Services

HD Creative Communications, a graphic design and marketing services provider, recently relaunched its website. Webwrite carried out an extensive proofreading and editing exercise to help ensure that HD Creative Communications was saying the things it wanted its customers to hear, as well as highlighting all that it has to offer in the most effective manner.

See for yourself how Webwrite did the write thing for HD Creative Communications by dropping by its site.



Training and Education

Webwrite provided PR and Communications Management for JHP Group, one of the UK's largest vocational and employability training providers.

Delivering PR services, internal and external communications across multiple channels, Webwrite also produced a monthly online newsletter, In Touch, as well as the externally-facing quarterly magazine, ' Voice.'

Discover how Webwrite did the write thing in ensuring that JHP Group's voice was heard.




I occasionally publish blogs on the Huffington Post. I've covered a range of different subjects, everything from Facebook earworms to a number of articles exploring the business issues faced by UK SMEs.

The button below will take you to an article examining various elements of marketing best practice, as well as sensible advice about how to treat existing and potential customers that every business would do well to follow.  



Trade Press

While editing Market Trader, Webwrite got a real feel for what makes the trade press tick. Aside from producing copy, sourcing images and editing the weekly edition of Market Trader, Webwrite also created a number of articles for other publications, including IS Opportunities, a monthly magazine targeted at the recruitment industry.

Here's an article examining the importance - and resilience - of brand in the global marketplace.



Public Relations

Good PR is critical for representative groups and Webwrite has done the write thing, and more, for the FPB.

Aside from creating and managing targeted national campaigns via Print, Online and Broadcast media and dealing with the day-to-day PR activities and media enquiries, plenty of copy was produced too.

Press Releases, sector newsletters, parliamentary reports were all drafted and, of course, many articles were published across the national, regional and sectoral press, including this one.


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