Insight into how better communications can add value to what you do

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Ahead in the cloud

Microsoft has picked up the story telling ball and run with it. Here I examine one of the innovative things they are doing with corporate communications.


Huffington Post blog

Time for a CSR rebrand?

Here I suggest how that nebulous term 'CSR' could be rebranded and tweaked to add value to SMEs. Rocket science it ain't, but smaller firms should take note that CSR isn't just for the big boys.


Proofreading matters

Amazing writing?

Take a look at my analysis of an absolute car crash of a homepage. It's not just about gloating, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from seeing how not to do it.



Graphic art

If you're not enthusiastic about your business and the services it provides, who else is going to be? Here I examine how a great message can be undermined by poorly constructed communications.


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